cork Panel BioFlex Pan

Cork Panel BioFlex Pan

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Insulating cork super-compressed panel


Principal advantages:

  • Natural, with no formaldehyde
  • Thermal and acoustic isolation
  • Noise-absorbing and anti-reverberation
  • Breathable, anti-condensation and anti-mould
  • Timeless performance
  • Ideal as insulation cladding system with low thickness  
  • Compact and flexible, good for correction of thermal bridges

Standard size of panels cm: 50x100

Super-compressed agglomerated cork pulp panel, fine-grained, ventilated and selected, free from slag and impurities.

Naturally insulating, breathable, antistatic, antiallergic, biocompatible, it is the ideal solution for the internal coating of floors and cold and damp walls.

Excellent insulation from both heat and cold, it keeps the wall temperature constant and guarantees internal comfort in every season, actively contributing to energy savings; it is a hygrometric regulator able to dispose of the humidity in the wall, thus preserving its insulating capacity unchanged over time.

Thanks to its high vapor permeability it definitively solves the problems of humidity, condensation and mold, guaranteeing healthy environments and well-being. It is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, ironing rooms and bedrooms.

The qualities of elasticity, the hollow cell structure combined with the high density of the cork provide the panel with excellent insulating characteristics; being pleasant to the touch it can be laid in view as a sound-absorbing soundproofing, eliminating disturbing noises and reverberation, or painted, covered with wallpaper or plastered and painted.

The high flexibility and compactness make it particularly suitable not only for correcting thermal bridges in architectural details such as beams and pillars, but also for isolating curved walls, domes or vaults;

moreover, the availability in reduced thicknesses from 1 to 20 mm and the unnecessary counter-plating allow the saving of the internal airspace, also avoiding changes to the door and window frames.

This particular type of internal insulation with Bioflex allows the achievement of thermal comfort in a very rapid manner, thus making it the ideal solution even for rooms used occasionally and discontinuously (such as mountain houses etc.)

Finally it is hygrospic, imputrescible, unattackable by insects and rodents, it is completely natural, it does not contain formaldehyde, and unlike other synthetic insulators it does not release solvents or harmful particles which are dangerous for people's health.

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Data sheet

Densità (Kg/m3)
Reazione al fuoco
Euroclasse E
Coefficiente di Conducibilità termica dichiarata a 10 °C (λ)
0,042 W/mk
Temperatura di utilizzo
da -180 °C a + 140 °C
da 0,8 mm a 20 mm
da 500 mm a 1300 mm
a richiesta del cliente
Tensione di rottura a trazione
≥ 200 kPa
Fattore 5: Passa
65% minimo

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