Pannello isolante in sughero espanso autocollato BioPan

Cork panel BioPan REV

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Insulating expanded cork selfglued panel

Natural thermal and acoustic insulator for insulation cladding system in "view" without plaster and finishes


Principal advantages:

  • Natural, with no formaldehyde
  • Thermal and acoustic isolation
  • Protection from summer heat  and winter cold
  • Noise-absorbing and anti-reverberation
  • Breathable, anti-condensation and anti-mould
  • Timeless performance
  • Ideal for insulation cladding system both indoors outdoors
  • Total absence of maintenance over time
  • Requires no additional finishing
  • It gives character and personality to buildings
  • It can be painted
  • Not perishable, odorless, resistant to insects and rodents

Standard size of panels cm: 50x100

Available also battended on 4 sides

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Expanded agglomerated cork panel with a characteristic brown color resulting from a thermal roasting process

Biopan is 100% natural product, recyclable, reusable and biodegradable, obtained from cork oak.

This product comes from a renewable and sustainable raw material. The cork is in fact extracted without cutting or damaging the tree, furthermore the decortication and maintenance of the cork oak forest is an activity with low environmental impact, which safeguards and protects a very fragile and unique ecosystem in the world.

The Biopan insulation panel is obtained with thermal roasting process with the aid of steam which causes the expansion of the granules themselves, improving the characteristics of insulation, resistance and dimensional stability.

During this phase the fusion of the waxy substances present in the cork (suberin) takes place, which act as a natural glue allowing the aggregation of the cork granules, making the panel solid and compact and coating the granules themselves with a protective waterproof film, but permeable to steam, and guaranteeing the total absence of synthetic substances such as adhesives or solvents in our Biopan panels.

All the properties of natural cork are transferred into an elastic product, permeable to steam, with exceptional thermo-acoustic and anti-vibration insulation characteristics. A long-lasting panel that keeps its performance unaltered over time.

Its characteristics of insulation, breathability, thermal displacement and stability make it particularly suitable for use in external cladding.

In the "REV" version with increased density, thanks to the natural ability of the cork to withstand the elements, it can be used externally as a "visible" cladding without plaster, nor finishing obtaining truly unique and surprising aesthetic solutions as shown by numerous examples of contemporary architecture.


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Data sheet

Densità (Kg/m3)
Reazione al fuoco
Euroclasse E
Coefficiente di Conducibilità termica dichiarata a 10 °C (λ)
da 0,042 a 0,046 W/mk
Temperatura di utilizzo
da -180° C a + 140° C
Dimensioni (Lunghezza / Larghezza)
1000 x 500 mm
da 20 a 240 mm

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